WonderCoder of the month: Nikolina

Each month at WonderCoders, we meet an awesome female programmer, get some tips from her and find out more about her superpower.

Hi Nikolina! Tell us about what you do and who you are.
Hi. My name is Nikolina and I am a coding mentor for WonderCoders. I come from Bulgaria and I have been living in Denmark for the past three years. I am a frontend developer passionate about UX.

How long have you been in tech?
I think I can say I have been in tech from the moment I first saw a computer 😀 But maybe officially when I started studying my bachelor is Software engineering which was almost 10 years ago.

How did you get into tech?

Well, the moment I got to use a computer, I was always curious about how certain programs work and although I come from a humanitarian language school I chose to pursue a tech degree afterwards. I didn’t have any particular idea on a certain profession it just seemed like something interesting and useful.

How has your journey in tech been?

Bumpy 😀 It had a lot of ups and downs, like studying maths for 2 years. But I also managed to find “my” thing, which is frontend development and I stick to it.

Please share your challenges.

As a woman in tech I think that I have not been trusted enough. I have also been struggling with continuing my career here in Denmark, but as a typical woman I stress out that the problem is in me.

How did you overcome them?

Well, I think the most important thing is just to believe in yourself and the things you do, and just express your opinions more. Be brave and bold.

What’s your aspiration in your tech journey?

I aspire to bring people and technology closer together. That is why I love frontend and UX.

Please share with our readers why they should get a career in tech!

If they have a flair for technology and are curious how things work, they should definitely explore the endless tech possibilities. Technology is basically everywhere, so as long as you enjoy it and are passionate about it.

Any tips or advice for them?

There are millions of articles and resources on the web, so they can just try out tutorials for different technologies and find their thing. And after that, they should concentrate on one technology, read, watch tutorials, go to different workshops and meetups, and practice a lot, come up with different projects and bring them to life.

Could you give us some ideas on how we can overcome the diversity gap in tech?

First of all, girls need to be aware that tech jobs are for everyone. But, being a developer that is unemployed for a while, or worked with mainly male co-workers, I think that bridging the diversity gap should also be encouraged by employers and they should demand having more female coworkers.

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