Student Coding Clubs

Student Coding Clubs

Wonder Coders mission is to inspire, educate and support women in pursuing careers in IT. The Student Coding Clubs are afternoon programs for female highschool/university/academy students following/or about to follow degrees in IT.

Why join

Joining the club will give you a safe and supportive environment of female students sharing the same interests as you do, a place where you will feel like you fit in. Beyond the Club, you will be part of an alumni network of Wonder coders and creators across Denmark who are using programming to solve problems and impact the future.

What to expect

You can either join the club with your own school coding project or you will be given an assignment to work on throughout the semester. You will learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages. And work in teams to design and build a project that solves real life problems through code.

How much is it

100% FREE to attend. The clubs will provide space and internet connection

How can i join

To join a club, find a club in your area and contact the local facilitator. You can join anytime during the school year.

Where is it

The coding clubs take place in local high schools, universities, libraries and more.

When is it

The coding clubs meet once a week for 3 hours on late afternoons or during the weekend.

Coming Soon there will be a list of all the clubs in your area avalaible on our website. If you want to start a club in your local community, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Help us close the gender gap in IT, by starting a Wonder Coders coding club in your community. Become an ambassador and facilitator and help us empower and support women in STEM. Clubs can be hosted in schools, universities, libraries, community centers etc. Everyone can be a facilitator - teachers, computer scientists or volunteers from any background or field. No prior experience in programming is needed in order for you to start a club, you can learn alongside with the club members. If interested please, do not hesitate to contact us. The change starts with you!