SheTech: The coding club

SheTech: The Coding Club

Wonder Coders mission is to inspire, educate and support women in pursuing careers in IT. SheTech: The Coding Club is an evening coding meetup for all of you who are looking for some inspiration and motivation to get started with programming and to those of you already knowledgeable and experienced programmers who are looking to meet like minded people sharing the same interests. 

Why join

Joining the meetup will give you a safe and supportive environment of people sharing the same interests as you do, a place where you will feel like you fit in. Are you looking for new opportunities within the tech industry and want expand your knowledge, this is the right place for you.

What to expect

You can either join the club with a project of your own or you will be given an assignment to work on, a goal to accomplish. You will learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages. It's up to you whether you want to work in a team or your own.

How much is it

100% FREE to attend.

How can i join

Please check our calendar for upcoming meetups

Where is it

Depending on our partners, we have different locations for our meetups, so check our calendar for more information

When is it

The meetups are once or twice a month for 3 hours after working hours.

P.S. Wonder Coders mission is to educate, inspire and support women pursuing career in IT, but the doors to our events are open to EVERYONE interested in learning how to code.